5 Spiritual Experiences only to be had in Bali

August 18, 2017

Bali is an island rich in spiritual heritage with its understanding of the laws of karma, continual attention to the balance between light/dark, gods/demons, feminine/masculine, to name but a few. If you would like to deepen your experience of Balinese culture beyond tourism and into the realm of personal transformation, our Spirit Journeys are your answer.
Delve deeper into yourself and create an experience that can endure a lifetime, facilitating shifts in your spiritual being that will always be with you. Venture into one of these unique Journeys to grow, release, heal, and surrender on an island firmly rooted in the practice of meditation, healing and spiritual experiences, continual personal growth. Find out more about one guest’s experience here



1 - Healing & Spiritual Experiences in Bali with High Priestess


Bali’s youngest High Priestess has a fascinating story and a wise humility that will leave you with a lasting impression. During her Melukat or water blessing, she will invite you to connect to Mother Earth and consciously release all that no longer serves you. She chants and pours Holy water over your body repeatedly, until she senses the process to be complete according to your own personal journey and needs. The water is infused with power and ancient memory. You will leave feeling cleansed, renewed, and relieved of old thought and behaviour patterns that are no longer needed. You will also have an opportunity to speak with the High Priestess and hear about her unique story in a personal way. Throughout Balinese history and across decades, Pedandas (High Priests) have traditionally been male, always born into the Brahman caste. At age 20, during meditation, this High Priestess began to have out-of- body experiences and received a ‘transmission’ of sacred Kali chants and mudras. Although she was born into the lowest caste and defied ‘tradition’, she was officially recognized and ordained at the mere age of 21. To have a water blessing with the Priestess in a truly unique and transformative experience, click here.



2 – Mystic Carvers Spiritual Tour


In an exceptionally rare spiritual experience, meet a Brahmanbelonging to a high caste lineage. For generations his family haschiseled mystic Talismans and painted Yantras (mysticaldiagrams), working only on auspicious days of the ancientBalinese calendar.The Rerajahan are powerful, esoteric Balinese symbols used toprotect people and places, bring power, enhance love, facilitaterelationships, studies, career, business, arts and creativity. Theyare especially powerful when a mantra is carved/painted into them. To visit these unique artisans and have your own personal Talisman, or Yantras, specific to your needs and intentions, specially crafted for you, select Yantras or Talismans.




 3 – Soulful Tarot Reading Experience


Thought to date as far back as ancient Egypt, the art of Tarot Card reading is a powerful and revered form of folk divination.On this tour you will visit an Indonesian Tarot reader lady, with perfect English, who has been practicing this art with uncanny accuracy for several years.The Tarot is a mirror and a map of the soul that uses archetypes,symbols and synchronicity to uncover personal truths you will likely not expect.Such reading will provide insights into your life outside of the everyday limited mindset. It will leave you feeling freshly equipped to deal with life’s challenges with a new level of understanding.To see your life’s journey and purpose in an entirely new light. book here.

4 – Ancient Meditation Temple Chambers Experience



Special places on the Earth are imbued with profound energy. The ancients knew how to identify these areas and commonly built temples and places of prayer around them.One such place is a 12th century temple in Ubud, Bali, carved into a majestic cliff along a meandering stream lined with tropical vegetation, surrounded by lush rice terraces.These special chambers etched out of rock were foundational to priests for fasting, praying, chanting mantras, performing purification & spiritual rituals. Your guide is a Brahman, well versed in Meditation; he will take you to hidden spots, off the ‘beaten track’, where you will learn a simple Balinese temple ritual including how to display your offerings, purifying oneself with incense smoke, gestures to greet the Gods, drinking Holy water, learning how to properly position grains of rice on your chakras and the meaning behind this sacred gesture.This will be followed by meditation time with flowers and incense offerings. In this unique opportunity to experience the sacred energy of the meditation chambers, you might express gratitude for your life, ask the Spirit to bless & grant your intentions - and bless the planet with prosperity and happiness.Practicing gratitude invites abundance and you might be amazed at what unfolds in your life after an intentional and personal ceremony in a energetically charged place.To be mystified and feel the well of gratitude rise within you, contact us To be mystified and feel the well of gratitude rise within you, discover more information here.




5 – Healing Experience with Master Spiritual Healer 


Bali is infused with an ancient and powerful healing tradition.With the recent surge in interest, however, it is important to practice discernment in choosing a healer…Visit a Spiritual healer who, belonging to the Royal Family, is also one of the oldest and most experienced healers in Bali. This Master Healer has developed his own way of healing and reading a person’s body/mind condition, rooted in his knowledge ofSacred Balinese Scriptures, meditation, rituals, and asceticism. He uses the “nadi” meridian points, mantras and mudras, sacred healing tantric drawings, as well as home-made phytotherapy, healing herbal medicine used in a shamanic way. His treatment results in physical, mental and spiritual rebalancing,aura clearing, enhancing purpose and sense of direction,stimulating passion for life, healing of traumas and scars of the heart, as well an array of conditions such as physical pains and ailments, fertility issues, detoxification and overall immune boosting. book your healing & spiritual experience here.





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