Ubud is a state of mind.

The spirit is blowing somehow here. Bali is its cradle.


Our SPIRITUAL TRIPS bring you closer to the soul of UBUD, the heart of BALI. A spiritual and religious life nourished by devotion, rituals and daily news throughout the first stage of life, right now between gods and demons. It is there that the heart beats, the healers and the high priests treat the body, the spirit and the emotions at the same time, realigning the soul and the. UbudSpiritBali is meant to encourage you to travel with nectar, smell the scent and give free rein to your life, your life and your passion for your own journey. We believe that travel involves your own search for a meaningful life.

Join those who embark and sail.

Take a journey

Master healer

“Reading” at head level the person’s body/mind condition. 7000 years old healing techniques:Mudras, Mantras, yantras, meridians.

Talismans mystiques

Have a unique talisman created by Brahmans, following your intentions.

Yantra et dessins mystiques

Have a unique yantra drawing created by Brahmans, following your intentions.

Meditation avec un Brahmane

Méditation guidée avec un Brahman par les tombes des reines et des rois dans ce temple du 12ème siècle. Un site du patrimoine mondial protégé par l'UNESCO.


Obtenez des informations précieuses sur ce qui se passe dans votre vie à travers cette puissante forme de divination populaire.

Rituel de l'Eau avec un Brahmane

You will go through 3 different pools and 20 fountains, bathing and receiving the water from a line of of pure spring waters.

Grand prêtre

Nettoyage de l'Aura et du Karma via le MELUKAT, un rituel de guérison hindou Balinais complexe et puissant.


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Email: UbudBali3000@gmail.com

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