SARASWATI, the Flowing One

March 24, 2016

Hindu goddess of learning, speech, intelligence, organization, dancing, music and poetry.

She revealed language and writing to humans (not a small feat!).
Her origin is the lost Vedic river Sarasvati.

This is the source of her profound connection to fluidity in any aspect (water, speech, thought…).

She is wisdom, fortune, intelligence, nourishment, brilliance, contentment, splendor and devotion.

Also associated with any of the creative arts, she is called the Mother of the Vedas.

Dressed in white, She holds a mala (Hindu prayer beads), and a palm leaf scroll. Usually, she rides a swan and sometimes a peacock, while playing music on a veena (small sitar).

Students call on her to help with performing well in examinations. Calling on her is appropriate when one wishes to improve memory, power and concentration.

Sarasvati is credited with the creation of Sanskrit.


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